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KOEL Magazine is a bi-annual print magazine that celebrates yarn crafting for modern interiors. In KOEL, you’ll find everything there’s to know about contemporary crochet, knitting, latch hooking, punch needling, macramé, needlework and weaving – new tools, yarns, trends, supplies and lots of patterns. We are very passionate about growing the yarn community, encouraging readers from all corners of the world to embrace the yarn movement. Selling to 750+ stockists worldwide, and with a fast growing online and social media presence, KOEL has become the new standard for yarn crafting.


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Visualise your brand across all KOEL platforms. We reach experienced fiber artists globally and engage with newcomers who are just discovering their passion for yarn crafting.

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KOEL Magazine attracts quality readership by providing curated content to both experienced and newbie yarn crafters. We connect brands to an ever-growing yarn community, while helping readers to make their purchase decisions of yarns, tools and supplies.


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Through posts that fit seamlessly with KOEL’s curated online feed, your product will stand out in the social sphere. A loyal KOEL base of 100k+ highly engaged followers will be introduced to or reacquainted with your brand.

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blog is an online destination for interviews with the best makers around the globe and the newest trends in the market. Brands can increase their SEO traffic and visibility organically through personal interviews with their owners and product reviews.

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KOEL App is the go-to place for digital versions of all magazine issues, interviews and patterns. With in-app advertising promising to deliver higher click-through rates, brands benefit from increased sales conversion.


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Our readers pursue their own creative intuition – they take KOEL ideas and let their imagination run free.

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I discovered KOEL on someone’s feed and became curious. Turns out, it’s the only magazine of its kind for users of wool threads and yarns in home decor, which is what I do! I am still reading the articles, taking it all in. The photography is utterly amazing.
- @oandystudio



This morning I received the latest issue of KOEL. I love, love, love your magazine. It’s beautiful, from the content, illustrations to the photography. It’s stunning. I’m new to weaving and punch needling. It’s hard to find fresh inspiration, but your magazine brings that. It breathes new life into craft.
- Hilda Allen



I am in love with everything about KOEL Magazine — beautiful print, photography and features. They are huge supports of other makers. Feast your eyes babes you’ll wonder how you lived without it.
- @brynnandcoshop

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